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Presenting Eva Pol and her Art

It’s a pleasure of sharing the artwork of new artists such as Eva’s Pol. She’s passionate about silk and icon art. The core of her silk creations is to express herself spontaneously, depicting every sentiment on the most elegant cloth; silk. To balance helself, eastern orthodox iconography plays a substantial role for it. Thus, we’d like to share her work, presenting a sample of her silk collections and icon projects in our luxury apartments.

Silk Art

Eva Pol was so intrigued of the notion of painting on the Qeen of the fabrics that she immediately started silk painting. It means much more than an activity for her. It’s a way of living ’cause every project is a new experience and challenge for her.

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Silk Creations by Eva Pol Art

Icon Art

Painting icons depicting saints, angels, religious scenes in general, makes eva Pol feel calm and much more patient. As a top-leveled genre of painting art not only technically –having its roots in byzantine periods– but also spiritually, iconography gives her the opportunity to explore herself.

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Iconography by Eva Pol Art

For more information about the artist and her projects, just visit Eva’s Pol Art Gallery

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