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The White Tower Museum

The White Tower is the most commonly known monument of Thessaloniki and the symbol of the city because of its prominent position, long history and imposive architecture.

The tower was built in 15th century in order to replace an older 12th century Byzantine fortification while it was later recontsructed by the Ottomans. It was used as a fort enhancing the harbors defences, as a garrison and a prison. Because of its fame as a notorious prison it was also known as Tower of Blood (Kanli Kule) or Red Tower. It was renamed to White Tower (Torre Blanca) after it was whitewashed possibly in 1891.

It was surrounded by long defensive walls that were enclosing the area and were capable of supporting heavy guns. These walls were demolished at the beginning of the 20th century, while it is unclear whether they were part of the original construction or a later addition destined to further enhance its defensive features.

Today, the tower is open to the public while the visitors will have a chance to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view from its highest level.

A very beautiful and informative museum inside the monument is dedicated to the city’s history, its multicultural spirit and several other aspects of Thessaloniki.

The Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological museum of Thessaloniki is one of the most beautiful and important museums of the city. It is located in the center of the city in Manoli Andronikou street right after the Byzantine Museum, on the south of Thessaloniki Trade Fair.

It is easily accessible from every part of the city, while it can be easily found without being an experienced traveler. Like many other destinations in the center of the city you’ll have the chance to combine your visit to the museum with other places of interest because of the small walkable distance between them.

Due to the city’s rich Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine history the museum hosts a variety of exhibits that will impress every visitor. Beautiful samples of Roman architecture, unique colorful mosaics, sculptures and jewellery from the Greek Classical and Hellenistic period await you there…

Ιn 2003 it was completely renovated and re-organized into six permanent thematic units, while several temporary exhibitions take place annually hosting many collections in collaboration with some of the world’s most important museums.

The Gold of the Macedon and the new permanent open ground exhibition called Field House Garden Grave are definitely some of the most interesting areas of the museum. In the South side of the museum there is a cafe available for all the visitors.


The Museum of Byzantine Culture

For some the most important museum of the city, as Thessaloniki is arguably the city that has the most intense Byzantine character and beauty.

The museum is housed in modern facilities that include advanced, well-organized conservation laboratories and storerooms. Hundreds of unique exhibits and artifacts throughout the entire Byzantine period are displayed in several different rooms. It has a rather imposing atmopshere while the presentations are well organized and informative.

It is divided in several different thematic sections and collections that cover a wide time period of the city’s Byzantine past. Wonderful mosaics and wall paintings, Byzantine icons and religious architecture, impressive jewellery, rare books and scripts await you there. A café restaurant, a small amphitheater and a separate section that hosts outdoor exhibitions are some of the extra features available for the visitors.



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