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International Film Festival

The Thessaloniki International Film Festival was founded in 1960 as the Week of Greek Cinema and became international in 1992, including a Competition Section that was featuring films by emerging directors. The festival presents the most groundbreaking independent productions from all over the world along with many activities and events for the international film industry. The event features an International Section, the Greek film Panorama, the New Horizons program and the Balkan Survey along with numerous retrospectives and tributes to leading cinema figures from all over the world. The International section of the Festival is competitive where several prizes are awarded each year, most notably the Golden Alexander for the Best Feature-Length Film.


Dimitria is a three months long Festival of cultural events that takes place every year starting from the first days of September untill December. Named after the patron Saint Dimitrios of the city it is a very popular institution among the local residents. It is organised and overseen by the Municipality of Thessaloniki and includes musical, theatrical, dance and several other events, street happenings and several exhibitions.

According to the Byzantine tradition the participants were exchanging all their goods from the inland with fresh seafood. Today, festivalistes of Dimitria enjoy the tastiest tidbits of Thessaloniki taking a break from cultural activities. You will find them drinking ouzo in one the various arcades (Modiano, Columbus, Boilers), staying up all night with drinks and wines in Valaoritou St. or even enjoying the view from the Castle while participating in evening Gatherings that take place in little beautiful taverns.


Documentary Festival

The Documentary Festival taking place every March in Thessaloniki since its beginning in 1999 hosting several exhibitions, masterclasses, round-table discussions, publications, concerts and parties. The main thematic sections are: Recordings of Memory, Portraits – Human Journeys, Stories to Tell, Habitat, Planet in Peril, Music, Views of the World and Greek Panorama. The Festival focuses on filmmakers with unique cinematic ideas and inspirations, internationally renowned for their contribution to the documentary genre.

The Festival aims at offering an annually gathering in Thessaloniki that focuses at the exploration of the early 21st century images, inviting the audience to explore human landscape and a number of issues through documentary. It is one of most polular cinematic events of the city.


Thessaloniki Book Festival

The 34th Annual Book Festival of Thessaloniki is still on untill June 21! For a few more days locals and visitors will have the chance to visit several publishers’ stands and choose among thousands of books!

Although smaller than the previous years, it still has many book offers and lower prices in general compared to the usual ones. There are books suitable for every age and taste.


Thessaloniki International Trade Fair – HELEXPO

The Thessaloniki International Trade Fair is is one of the most historic and continuous events of the city. It was first held in 1926 while it kept for decades a key role further strengthening the financial and diplomatic relations between all the participating countries. The fair is organised by HELEXPO.

It is an annual commercial exhibition event of significant commercial and political importance in Greece and Southeastern Europe taking place at the 180.000m² exhibition centers right in the center of the city.

The main event is taking place in Thessaloniki every year in September and lasts for 10 days. It hosts several other thematic exhibitions during the rest of the year like Agrotica which is specialized in agriculture and Energy Tech in technologically advanced renewable and conventional energy sources. Try not to miss Insectopia! It is a very interesting permanent exhibition of living insects, butterflies and reptiles!

The International Trade Fair is inaugurated by the Prime Minister and attended by more than 300,000 visitors every year. Many countries participate through their own delegations while many other events like concerts, presentations or conferences are also taking place.



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